Tuesday, August 01, 2006

When you have One Job... Do it Right

I wore a 'safari necklace' to work today. It's made of wooden beads and wooden animals. (Giraffe, tiger, elephant, lion, etc) It's very pretty and I get lots of compliments on it. There's one part I don't like about this necklace, and that is the back of it; the part that lays on the back of my neck. It's made of alternating wooden beads & discs all the way around. This results in the wooden discs either hurting my neck, or catching my hair in them, or both. Usually both.

I was showing it to a co-worker, and remarked about the disadvantage of it, and she had this to say,"You know, they have ONE job, it's to make a necklace. You'd think they could do it RIGHT and think about the person wearing it and design it for comfort as well as appearance. One Job! That's all they had to do. Why couldn't they do it Right?"

She said it all.... I rest my case.