Saturday, February 20, 2010

Yeee Ha!!!

I love it, my Mega Quilter just let me zip along and LOOK! Its done! At least this part is... now I can take it off, quilt the border, put on the binding and it'll be DONE!!!! YAY! Completion feels SO good... (and I'm only CLOSE!)

Hellooooo Again!

I was reading a magazine last nite (Quilting Arts) and read about the most fun thing to do ~ it was a 5 day exercise someone at the magazine had readers/quilters participate in. I am hoping they do another! THEN when I got online today I went to a website of a fellow quilter and read her blog telling something about this BAG that her and her friends pass around... and keep for 6 weeks. I'm not sure how it works or what they do with it... but I think it's a Project bag of some sort.. .I emailed her for answers... so meanwhile if anyone here has a clue or has heard of this.. please feel free to enlighten us!

Meanwhile I managed to get my Mega Quilter back in the running! YAY!!! I found I was using the wrong TYPE of bobbin... (needs the flat/no hole bobbin), the wrong TYPE of thread (needs machine quilting thread) and my tension (which was building) was in need of a LOT of adjustment. So with that guidance from a friend I met on Facebook, I set out to correct all items, AND WOOOOHOOOOOO I'm loop-de-looing all over the place! LOVE IT, LOVE IT... LOVE IT...(Thanks Bobbie Jo)

So, I'm headed back to my quilting, and I'll check back with ya'all later!