Friday, April 28, 2006


While traveling the 4 lane highway to Bloomington to get to work, I came up behind a slow moving vehicle who was trying to pass a semi. It was difficult for him, I guess, as he was barely going any faster than the truck. Ok,... so I gave him a little space and stayed with him. The fellow behind me (and it was a fellow) didn't see all this and decided he could go faster if he were in front of me. Now, there are only 2 lanes in our direction, so he had to get in the slow lane and go around me to pass... and he did. And then he saw .... the hold up was not ME.

"I hope you're happy", I muttered to him. "You're SO much farther ahead now!" LOL

This leap-frog behavior continued as we managed to get around the truck, he pulled off into the right lane finally and I passed him and several others. For the next 20 miles we kept changing places and finally as we both exited at the same exit, one behind the other, it was evident.... It really doesn't matter... we both got there at the same time.

What makes people do this? Why do they think it will make a difference? All I can say is... What's Up With That?

Thursday, April 27, 2006

What Happened to Teaching Manners to Kids?

Note: This happened a few weeks ago and I'm just getting around to posting it.

I'm the first person to agree that kids ought to be allowed to act like kids and have fun. Along with that though, comes teaching them when to be quiet and respectful of other people.

Case in point, someone brought their kids into work today. How did I know? I could hear them from 40 yards away... squealing and squeaking and squawking...and jumping off of a chair as if they were from Dr Doolittle's last cast. I don't know how young or old they were... but I do know that whatever parent/grandparent/guardian brought them in should be silencing them and teaching them to use their 'inside voice' ... even the dog on TV has been taught to do that! I also know that My mother or grandmother would never have allowed this behavior in public, or doesn't the "adult in charge" realize it is interrupting people who are trying to work? I guess they brought the kids in to see where Mommy or Daddy works.... or perhaps the babysitter or Grandma was taking them shopping or the like and stopped by for a few moments...

...Ahhh finally, I heard someone "Shhh" them... after all this time (at least 15 minutes have gone by.. long enough to irritate me, distract me and move me to writing this!) I thought perhaps the word "Shhh" had been eliminated from the American Parent's Language. Many times lately I have been in stores and heard kids screeching at their parents for one thing or another... the parent IGNORES them. I realize that "ignoring demanding kids" is one method of correction, but when it is interfering with someone else's shopping, reading, or whatever the public place is for... it shouldn't be practiced at that time. Parent's PLEASE use some discretion as to how you discipline your child... or in some cases... Please DICIPLINE your child!... That's what public restrooms are for... (hint hint)

Whatever the public place is... there is a proper behavior they need to learn for that situation. If you take them into an office,... Please... inform them AHEAD of time (just before you open the door to go in) that they will have to be quiet and careful to not disturb others that are working... at least I should be working instead of writing this... and I WOULD be... IF I could concentrate. Maybe it's time for lunch...

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

It's NOT a turn lane!

I live in a rural areal where the main 'street' is a highway... Route 99 we'll call it. There are roads that cross this highway leading to residential homes, churches and the like. In this area of the state, they didn't see fit to paint in 'right-turn lanes' to get the traffic off the main road while they are slowing down to approach their turn. Some people pull over into the painted 'shoulder area' on the right and use it for that purpose and others choose not to ...since it's not actually a 'turn lane'. I don't know the legality of using this area as a turn lane, but that isn't the issue I'm bringing here today.

The issue I have, are with the drivers BEHIND the car that is turning. It seems that those people (I don't mean to generalize, not all, but many of them fall into this category) presume or at least think the turning driver SHOULD move over into the shoulder area to turn. In fact some of them will not slow down at all, thinking perhaps they can coerce the driver into moving into that 'lane'.


Whether we CAN or not... it isn't put there for this purpose. Hence... it would really be nice if you would quit EXPECTING us to move into it and just come to terms with the fact that if You don't want to slow down while waiting for us to make our turn.... CHANGE LANES; move into the left lane & go around us!