Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Eyeglasses or Contacts

Last week I went to the eye doctor for an exam and ended up leaving with new contact lenses! However the experience didn't end well...the next day I wore them to work and by 10am my eyes were completely bloodshot red ALL over! I didn't have my glasses in the building but even those wouldnt have helped how my eyes felt. So I went home, took out the lenses, washed my eyes and rested them. By the next day they were about 60% better. We are still not sure if it was a reaction to the lenses, the solution, or perhaps pinkeye! Today, I'll find out. While getting ready for the day, I gathered my eyeglasses off the nightstand and put them on the dining room table. When I went back to get them and put them lense was missing! Yup..gone. I retraced my steps in every room and could not find it anywhere! only option is to give the contacts another chance. We'll see how it to follow.