Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Time for Pies!

Well this year I decided to make 2 pies. I know... there are only the two of us at home this year. But I LIKE Pumpkin pie, it's like a tradition, a part of Thanksgiving, that I am not willing to give up.... EVEN tho.... I know my hubby doesn't like it. Sooooo I asked what his favorite pie would be and he said "Chocolate".

Hmmm OK... I have never made a chocolate pie so I asked him to look up a recipe so I could see if I had all the ingredients. Cocoa - check, eggs - check, butter - check, sugar - check, vanilla & milk... when I had milk but I didnt think it'd be that creamy with skim milk so I picked up some 2% milk. I figure, let's go all out, it's Thanksgiving! LOL... actually I looked in the store for a quart or 1/2 gallon of whole milk but no deal, and I didn't see the need to buy a gallon! So I got a half gallon of 2%.

Making it didn't take anything at all! It was an easy recipe, and went together fast.It's cooling now. So now it's time to get started on the Pumpkin pie!

I already steamed the cut up pumpkin, disgarded the seeds, and mashed the pumpkin meat. Now onto the recipe...

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tupperware Day

It's a Tupperware day! I have orders to bag up and deliver, YAY!!! I love when people get their new Tupperware and look in the bag like it's Christmas! It's so rewarding to know they love their purchases! It's fun to see them getting in the party mood with all the great items we have for entertaining!

I also love the compliments I get on my car as I pull up to houses. I have nicknamed it the "Tuppermobile", it seems to fit! What do you think?

Monday, November 21, 2011

Out for a drive . . .

We went out for a drive yesterday to see the leaves on the trees.... we got about 5 miles down the road when I said, "Um.. .I think we're too late. They are all gone." LOL Joke was on us, but it was a nice drive. We pulled over at one point and looked across the river, and watched the seagulls. Then a woman pulled up in her car with a 1/2 bag full of torn bread. She got out of her car and started tossing handfuls and the seagulls acted like they had been waiting for her. TONS of them flocked around and made real fast work of that bread! 5 min flat (if that) and it was cleared out.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Chewie is my long time Lhasa Apso. But he's getting older and losing alot of weight. Why do they do that? When my cat got older, she did the same thing... it's sad to see bones sticking out of skin with no meat between them. So he stopped eating the dog food I bought him as if on a food strike. I thought maybe he lost interest in eating, but it seems he just lost interest in that particular food. Today I got out some leftovers of chicken and some white rice... blended them together and cut the chicken up as small as the rice, and he devoured it! That was great to see... then he dived into his water bowl... YAY! I only wish we could get some meat back on his bones.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Crossing the Line?

Is it just me, or do you think people are 'stretching' the stopping point at stoplights? As I learned it, way back in Driver's Ed, those fat white lines that are painted at intersections are the lines you are supposed to stop BEHIND. Has this changed? Well, I have seen several times cars that roll a bit past the line, but these 2 cars ahead of me, took the cake! The light is red... and they are stopped PAST the line! What the.... ???(^&%

Monday, November 07, 2011

Sure Glad I Got Up Early

I'm SO glad I got up early today; I couldn't sleep and at 5am I decided if I got up now, I could put the coffee pot on, and throw my quilt-in-progress out over the (for once) clear dining room table and start the next step towards finishing it. I'd really like it done before Thanksgiving.

So I went out to the kitchen and started making coffee. As I was filling the pot and getting my Tupperware coffee canister out from the cupboard, I glanced at the stove. ICK! There is still splattered grease on the back panel. And as I look around, I see cauliflower still sitting in the small collander (it was draining last nite). A few items on the counter also not put away... hmmm those dishwashers need to be fired! Ahh but then who would 'get' to do it...right, the Cook! (me)

You see in our house, we'd adopted the rule that she who cooks does not clean up. Now don't get me wrong, I do clean as I go, as much as I can. I wiped the counters 3 times in preparation of dinner last nite and my darling step-son (half-jokingly) informed me that I COULD have wiped it 4 times, then he wouldn't have to wipe it. "Nahhh wouldn't want to deprive you of that one wipe kiddo!" So As my husband washes, the kiddo is supposed to put things away off the counter and wipe it down (A lot gets missed) as he's waiting for items to dry. I also heard dad tell him to clean the stove while he's waiting but, he dawdles along and manages to forget it, knowing it won't get caught until sometime later - like morning.

So as I'm wiping the back of the stove, I see that the grates and burner tray area also need cleaning. Off come the grates and put in the sink. Run the hot water and add dishsoap... and they can soak in there while I clean the top part of the stove. Of course that leads to the front area where the knobs are. Oh My... when was that done last? ok.. off come the knobs, and HEY I might as well get a stool... Ahh now I can reach better and not break my back. This also puts me in clear view of the oven front door. Not sure what some of those streaks are and since it's a black hi-gloss and glass stove and oven, I can see it all clearly when I'm up close. So I wipe down the oven door, and work on down to the lower oven - the handle and the door... my what a nice shiny stove we have now. You see it's only 2 years old, so it SHOULD be shiny! That's what I keep telling them...

Of course, as I'm wiping a few crumbs from the oven door off, and they spill onto the floor, I'm just about to feel bad for getting them on the floor when I notice.... Hmm "someone" didn't do the floors yesterday. Oh, yes... let me mention: in our house, they don't LIKE the idea of "Saturday chores" they want to do that on Sunday. Right. There are a few problems I have with this... Whatif I want to invite friends over for games on Saturday night? [I REALLY would like to do that] What if step-son goes to see mom for the weekend? Whatif... whatif... well it doesn't seem to matter. Even though I asked that we put it back to Saturday after a trial run of doing it on Sundays... they disagree and want to do it on Sundays. ~ Guess what guys?! It's NOT Working.

OK so as I look at the floor and realize I have company coming at 9:00 this morning, I decide there is only one choice. Do it myself. Great. Out comes the broom and mop. Swept the kitchen floor and if I hadn't known better (and i do) I would have thought it was 2 weeks worth of dirt & dust. My Goodness! Then, after sweeping the kitchen, I remembered the other area dear hubby is supposed to sweep - the front hall; the very thing new company will see first when they arrive. Yup... off I go to sweep there. Yuk! Midway thru sweeping dear hubby trapezes through on the way to his morning shower. It's then that I realize, I need MUFFINS! (No, looking at him didn't remind me of it, there is no link there... LOL) I had a blueberry muffin mix I wanted to get whipped up for my company. Get out the Bowl, Milk, Spoon and Mix... dump in bowl, ok ... stir. Oops preheat oven! While I'm waiting for the oven to warm up I'll finish sweeping that front hall. Hubby emerges clean from his shower just as I'm scooping up the dirt & dust into the dustpan from kitchen and front hall. (Did I mention I started coffee an hour ago? Yes, I haven't had a drop of it yet)

Floors swept, I get muffins into the paper cups and ready for the oven, and along comes Hubby for his goodbye kiss. "Why'd you get up so early, honey" he asks. "Well, I couldn't sleep and just got up, but it seems it's a good thing I did. I have company coming today and someone didn't do his floors yesterday~" No reply.

As he leaves for the day, I retrieve the rug for the front hall, which I had taken outside to shake and air out; Then, begin mopping the front hall, and then the kitchen. Before finishing the kitchen, I realize I have not had any of that precious coffee I made an Hour & a half ago! So I poured it and took it out to the living room. There, it can sit and cool, and wait for me. I go and finish the kitchen floor, wipe the kitchen counter from my muffin mixing, and wash out the bowl, measuring cup and spoon I used. Set the timer. While I'm finishing these steps is when it hits me... I've had a workout this morning, I can feel it on the back of my neck and along my hairline, perspiration (and frustration). The Sunday chores idea is Just Not Working.

Another task hubby is responsible for... is folding towels and washcloths when they come out of the dryer. I suppose it's my fault for leaving them in the dryer last night, but now I have to fit in time to fold and put those away as well. ~~Ding.. the muffins are done and step-son is up and wanting breakfast. Passing him in the kitchen I say, "I hope there is cereal". "There is." he informs me. Good. Because next on the list are the bathroom chores that HE didn't do last night after returning from mom's.

Ahhh, I finally got a sip of that coffee while writing this blog.
Well.... Break time is over, off to get those bathrooms done!