Thursday, July 29, 2010

Top 10 TIPS for Time Management

I found this on a wise lady's blog, and printed it for myself, but couldnt help sharing it with you all. Thanks Karen!

My TOP TEN TIPS for Time Management

1. Have a TO DO LIST - every day without fail, and cross them off as you do them.
2. Get a great diary with a monthly planner - you have to like it to use it.
3. PLAN your day - look at your TO DO LIST and prioritize and get moving!
4. LIMIT the time you spend on each job - create your own daily deadlines - it's amazing how you'll get things done quicker if there a time limit!
5. Make your PHONE CALLS FIRST - don't put them off or make excuses!
6. SCHEDULE time for things like, household chores, kids school run, after school activities - put them in your diary as you would an appointment.
7. Plan to do some EXERCISE 5 times a week - even if it's a walk to the shops or school.
8. DO something good for yourself every day - read a book, play your favourite music, but add it into the diary.
9. At the start of the week (eg Sunday night), review your plan for the week and make lists accordingly - don't get caught in the Monday morning "Oh no I haven't done ...."
10. SLEEP - yes it's important. If you get to bed at a reasonable time you'll be firing on all cylinders the next morning. Allow yourself some relaxation time before you go to bed.

Okay so there's one more thing! Learn to say "NO" when necessary. We can't be all things to all people and if we try we end up missing out on the things we WANT to do. So, do whats right, but remember if you feel like you're being put upon, then you probably are and say no!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Stop, smell the roses...

I can't believe June 2nd is the last entry in here... time just flies so fast. Actually, time doesn't "fly" at all, we just say that when we have been in a whirlwind of activity and we didn't notice it passing by. I guess in some ways, that's a good thing, it shows we have been busy, not bumps on a log. But sometimes we get so busy we don't stop to think about what is important. Are we letting work overshadow our lives? I know I'm not, I'm unemployed. But even unemployed people can get so busy with the tasks they've set up for themselves on a daily basis, that they don't realize what they are Not doing, or seeing as time slips by. There is definite merit to the phrase "Stop and smell the roses" before the roses have all withered and fallen to the ground.

Maybe we tend to think, "Oh, there will be time for that later... " Not always. For some, later comes sooner than they expect. We don't come with expiration dates stamped on our foreheads and we never know what accident or unforeseen illness will cut our visit short here on Earth. We think we are so indestructible... HA.

Stop, smell the roses... and thank God for each and every day that you are here to live again. Celebrate each day He gives you, and be thankful.