Wednesday, March 31, 2010

This 'n That of Yesterday

So, the wood has been cut, (referring to previous post on chair seat) I THINK, at least I do know my hubby bought the wood, and took it to the garage, but honestly that is the last I've seen of it. It also needs the edge run through the router, to give it a curved edge, but I think if that was done, he'd have brought it back in the house... wouldn't you? So.. maybe it's not done.

Yesterday I found a great yard sale, an impromptu yard sale at that, and bought a wonderful sewing cabinet! However when I got it home and in the sewing room that I just redesigned and moved all around.. it turns out the part where you put the sewing machine into the cabinet, is on the wrong side. I wouldn't be able to sit at it, so now I have to sell it! Arrrghhh... Nice modern looking black... well made, heavy feel, not flimsy. So if you want it!... EMAIL ME PLEASE! Here's a pic.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Still Here

I decided today to recover the seats of my dining room chairs. So I got some nice spring green fabric from Jo Ann Fabrics which I thought I would get at 50% off since I had a coupon. It didn't ring up with a discount so when I got out to the car, I sat and looked to see if I could tell why... and there it was. The coupon starts... tomorrow. Arrrgh. Ok...

After I got home, I took one of the seats off the chairs and started removing the fabric. What I found was the wooden bottom of the seat was cracked in several places... so I now need to go get new wood, cut and shape it to match the seat. Then I need to replace the padding as well... nice simple project, eh?