Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Personal Drive.... where does it come from?

I am finding my self wondering how a person develops 'drive', or are we born with it? You know, the stuff inside that makes you want to do something... ANYthing... it could be the desire to pursue a certain career, or the desire to excel as something in school, or even the unexplained passion some people have for helping others. Where does it come from? Is it something you're born with, or do you see it in others around you and 'inherit' it... or is a learned thing...? Can you learn it later in life? What do YOU think?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Your Permanent Record

Throughout your school years, teachers, principals, and even parents would warn you of the terrible effect your mischief was having on your "Permanent Record". Perhaps this frightened you. You might have even thought it would prevent you from ever getting a good job! Blemished forever, you hung your head in shame.

At some point, someone may have even told you... nobody cares. Nobody was watching you. There was no permanent record. You felt FREEDOM at last!

But... today I was reading a student manual for a high school in our state, and it mentioned the following rule it must follow:

In compliance with the provisions of the xxxxxx School Student Records Act, the following schedule for retaining and destroying student records will be maintained:

Permanent Records: Retained for sixty (60) years. These records include student information such as name, birth date, address, grades and grade level, parent’s names and addresses, and attendance records.

Temporary Records: Retained for at least five (5) years. These records include student files such as family background information, eligibility information, anecdotal notes, and disciplinary information.

All requests to inspect or obtain student records should be submitted in writing to the Main Office. Requests will then be forwarded to the appropriate school personnel for processing (see School Board Policy 7.34-7.35). All records will be reviewed periodically to validate, update, and dispose irrelevant information.

~~~~ SO, while there IS actually a Permanent Record, the Good news is,.. disciplinary information is only kept in the Temporary Record. LOL

Saturday, August 07, 2010


Wow, I got an email today that reminded me what beautiful street designs we have across the country... and heck in other countries too... here is one that made me just ask "Why"... Im sure there are other pictures of streets out there... post yours and lets see how many we can get. (Thanks Jane)

DQ Flavors

I was just reading a blog about DQ flavors... and now I feel I must go get one. I am trying to remember the name of the flavor I had... it was like chocolate covered cherries... it was sooo good.... AH!! Choco Cherry Love

Nutrition Facts:
730 Calories - Need we say more?

What's YOUR favorite flavor??