Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's Here! It's Here! Snow........

This is what I saw when I opened the door to let the dogs out this morning... it was a shock! Then... it was beautiful.... the next thought was... "where is my snow brush, I'll have to brush off the car before I leave". Yes, it's here The First's always so pretty, and so startling. We listen to the radio say, "Possible snow tonite and tomorrow" but when we open the door and actually SEE it, that's a whole new ballgame. So here it is... the season begins... the season of Snow. I may not feel this later on in the season, so let me say it now. Thank you Lord.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Eve

Well here it is the eve before Thanksgivng... not quite eve, it's only 3:45pm... and I'm on my way to the grocery store... of course.. need to pick up those last minute details for dinner tomorrow.... like potatoes.. corn... cranberry... oh, and pumpkin pie... am i missing anything... I sure hope not!

Monday, November 24, 2008

When do they suddenly KNOW....

In a restaurant... in an office... doesn't seem to matter where, but there is definitely some age where girls finally get it, that they talk TOO LOUD. Well if you ask my husband, I still do, but my voice just kind of carries... I'm talking about the girls that act like there is no one else in the place except them, and they might be talking to a person who is hard of hearing... they must own the place.

Although, today I was in Panera bread and I heard HOPE. There was a small group of girls talking... loud enough I could 'enjoy' their conversation, whether I wanted to or not... someone must have said something to them (I wish more people would) and one girl replied, "Oh, I'm sorry, we tend to forget that our voices carry" - HOW NICE that was to hear... so there MUST be an age when they realize this, and start working on talking quieter... I think she was mid twenties...too bad it can't be sooner...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tupperware again? YUP!

When my daughter was a baby, less than 2 years old, I used to sell Tupperware. I was quite good at it, and it's a good solid business to be in. They can't go under, they give a Lifetime Warranty on their product, heck! But seriously, this year when I found myself unemployed for 6 months... I thought about Tupperware. Well, I went to a festival, and saw a lady with a Tupperware table set up... THEN I thought about Tupperware. OK?... anyway... she made me a good offer... and away I went, back into the land of plastic. AND HAS IT CHANGED! There's so much cool stuff, I can't even learn about all of it yet... and then the funniest thing happened... I got a job. LOL, ya go figure... now that I WANT the time to learn about the new products and maybe get organized, and try to drum up some parties... I get a full time, 8 hr a day, 5 day a week... Job. They really cut into daytime hours, ya know??

Ok... I can do this. Maybe not well, at first... but I'll get there... Im still learning to get up early every morning.. make breakfast... make Lunch!... think about dinner... NAHH... and leave on time for work. Oh ya, then STAY at work all day... and come home around 5pm.. whew.. that's a LONG day. LOL... seriously it does take some time to get back in the saddle... so Im workin on that..

I'm also working on building my Tupperware business now... tomorrow I have a 'vendor show' I'm scheduled at... I'll have a table... display all my wares... hopefully have people who will be interested... and with any luck, come home with orders, or party hosts lined up. That's the plan. So to that end, I sat tonite and made little labels for EACH PIECE of tupperware i have... with its Name, Description, price, page number, item number. So my last basket it packed... I'm ready to go... now I need some sleep. I'll take pictures tomorrow, and post them here... stay tuned, ok?

Oh, and if you'd like to do an ONLINE party... go here:
and click the blue square on the right...

Cya tomorrow!

Ok.. here's a pic of my table...