Saturday, January 28, 2012

1st...let me say Happy Birthday to me !

YAY!!  Happy Birthday to ME! I love birthdays... I think of them as a special day to celebrate ... ME!
I think a person should be made to feel special all the time, but if not, then at least ONCE a year, on the anniversary of their birth. 

So I started out the day with my friend Amy taking me for breakfast at a local haunt. Thanks Amy! That was nice. My mom had called me (first caller) and sang Happy Birthday to me... it was so nice of her since it was 6am her time! WOW... then I just kind of rambled thru my day with errands to the bank, the post office, the Goodwill and A&W for a hot dog. My, the day seemed to go quickly. I had several phone calls. To the point of my phone dying and totally not wanting to come back on! Oh well, time to go home.

At home the hubby was busy with dinner preparations; he was making surf n turf for dinner, and the boy had made me a chocolate cake. Chocolate Decadance cake! We had dinner and I sit here smelling the wonderful chocolate cake nearby while the guys do up the dishes in the kitchen. Yes, this is nice. Why can't we have birthdays more often.... 

Thank you Lord, for letting me have another one.

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