Thursday, January 19, 2012


I'm a self-proclaimed bulb collector. I don't mean to be. I like flowers, and in order to have flowers come up year after year, you need bulbs. So I buy bulbs... and sometimes I even get them in the ground.

Last month I was in the basement looking for Christmas decorations and I ran across this bulb "kit" I had gotten some year(s) ago. I don't really remember when. It was cute, it included a bulb, a glass, and some stones. The idea was to not use dirt but to root it (or maybe even grow it) in stones instead. I can't remember the flower now, but I seem to have a notion that it was a large red one.

Well it was pretty shrivelled up, and I didn't really expect to see the flower...ever, so I threw out the box.... but not before deciding to give it One College Try. LOL I know ... shriveled u
p bulb, in a glass with rocks. Sounds funny... but what the heck. That was a month ago, maybe 3 weeks and LOOK! This is what I saw today!! I'm in awe...

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