Saturday, January 28, 2012

I gotta go ...

Sometimes we take or make a call when we only have a couple minutes to talk. I usually try to tell the other person the situation so they are not surprised or offended when I have to hang up. But sometimes there are those people that no matter what... well, stopping them is like stopping a freight train.

I had a quick question for someone so I sent a text. It turned into more than I realized and soon I got a text saying "Can you call me?". So I did, but I started the conversation out with, "Hi, I only have a minute, I'm meeting someone and I'm late already." I expect this to help keep the call short, but after addressing the initial problem the other party launches into several other unnecessary areas which makes me wonder if they thought I was kidding, or just didn't care that I was meeting someone.

When someone tells me they are meeting someone or doing something, I quickly assess whether we need to talk at all THIS VERY MOMENT and if we don't  I usually say, "No problem, let's just talk later". Wouldn't that be the considerate thing to do? I guess some people just haven't learned that yet.

Lord, please help all of us, me included, to be more considerate of others and to treat them the way we ourselves would want to be treated.  Thank you.

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